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The Catherine Bullen Foundation issues regular newsletters. You can view them as PDF files - click on the links below.
The PDF file will open in a new window - you need Adobe PDF Reader to view these files. If you do not have it, click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Winter 2023 letter (383Kb)

Summer 2023 letter (237Kb)

Spring 2023 letter (515Kb)

Winter 2022 letter (666Kb)

Summer 2022 letter (760Kb)

Winter 2021 letter (406Kb)

Summer 2021 letter (368Kb)

Spring 2021 letter (208Kb)

Winter 2020 letter (306Kb)

Autumn 2020 letter (360Kb)

Spring 2020 letter (395Kb)

Winter 2019 letter (449Kb)

Summer 2019 letter (269Kb)

Spring 2019 letter (434Kb)

Winter 2018 letter (445Kb)

Autumn 2018 letter (318Kb)

Summer 2018 letter (478Kb)

Spring 2018 letter (240Kb)

Winter 2017 letter (390Kb)

Autumn 2017 letter (327Kb)

Spring 2017 letter (368Kb)

Winter 2016 letter (483Kb)

Autumn 2016 letter (350Kb)

Spring 2016 Newsletter (459Kb)

Winter 2015 Newsletter (627Kb)

Summer 2015 Newsletter (382Kb)

Spring 2015 Newsletter (616Kb)

Early Spring 2015 Newsletter (184Kb)

Winter 2014 Newsletter (359Kb)

Summer 2014 Newsletter - Oshivelo Special (535Kb)

Spring 2014 Newsletter (610Kb)

Winter 2013 Newsletter (441Kb)

Late Summer 2013 Newsletter (309Kb)

Spring 2013 Newsletter (326Kb)

December 2012 Newsletter (391Kb)

May 2012 Newsletter (400Kb)

December 2011 Newsletter (8.8Mb)

August 2011 Newsletter (5.2Mb)

April 2011 Newsletter (8.8Mb)

December 2010 Newsletter (10.5Mb)


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